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Dear Whalie and Tiny Toffle – LAND OF BIRDS – Fine Art Prints 18x24cm – 2 Pack

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Direct from Sweden – Miss Annie and Miss Sofia by Mrs Mighetto, are original art prints from the acclaimed new 2018 Collection “LAND OF BIRDS”

… The flutter of wings whispers in the otherwise noiseless skies above the magnificent Bird Palace. Its residents flying in and out, going about their daily business. The law of the land works as it always has, at the commands of chirping and a beautiful bird song. In the palace sit two Queens who are also the country’s decision makers, a cat owl and a sparrow, both extremely old and wise.

In the LAND OF BIRDS you are either born with wings or, quite simply, as a bird. Inhabitants reside in tower rooms or high in the tree tops. Flying is the only way to get around. Individual Minimighettos born without wings are instead rewarded with enchanted gifts, and inherit honourable tasks in the bird palace.

IN THIS SET – You will receive two LIMITED EDITION prints 18cm x 24cm:

… To be born without wings in the Land of Birds is difficult and it can take time to discover the gift that has been bestowed on you. At birth, Annie received a big eagle that would protect her until her talent unfolded. Until one day, two enormous birds were seen high up in the sky, and it turned out that Miss Annie could change shape at any time and become the bravest eagle that the kingdom ever saw.

… Miss Sofia is much smaller than the country’s other inhabitants. She was rescued by a sparrow family, when she was forced to flee her homeland and since then she has lived with her new family, in a bird’s nest at the top of a lush dark green willow tree. Sofia has done everything to fit in, but never stops thinking about her origins.

Material: Printed on 200g rough matte paper, giving you the closest feel to the original watercolor itself

Limited edition, when it’s sold out, it is sold out forever.

Ships in a protective envelope

Props + frame are not included

1 in stock

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  • Unique print painted by a local artist
  • Available unframed in A4, A3, A2 or framed in A4 and A3 black or white frames


  • Unframed A4 print measures 21cm x 29.7cm
  • Unframed A3 print measures 29.7 x 42cm
  • Unframed A2 print measures 42cm x 59.4cm


  • Printed on 170gsm high-quality textured watercolour paper
  • Frames: Polyresin


  • Please note your computer screen may display colours slightly differently to how they are produced in print.


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