Adjustable Wall Desk


Standing is the new sitting.
This modular and ergonomic desk is a height adjustable wall-mounted desk which is good for your posture when used correctly. Simply choose your screen and keyboard height by adjusting the level of the shelves. Standing and working for short periods throughout your work day improves your productivity, encourages your metabolism to be more active, and helps you avoid back pains associated with sitting in a chair in front of a screen for too long.

Ideally, your screen should be at eye level and your keyboard and mouse should be positioned so that your elbows are bent at 90 degrees. Keeping your back straight and engaging your core abdominal muscles is essential for good posture.

This items ships flat pack and includes screws to fix the spine to your wall.

Colour: Natural Birch

Material: Sustainable Birch Plywood

Dimensions: W50cm x H100cm


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