We all want our kids to have a beautifully designed room but let’s face it they don’t keep it that way! Being a mother of 3 messy boys I have had to find a way to hide all the mess and still keep their rooms looking good.

BOOKS – They no not stay on a book shelf and end up all over the floor. Our book storage stand is a perfect way to store many books and help them to keep them packed away while still easy to sift through without pulling them all out.
CLOTHES – Piles do not stay folded! Hunting for their favourite tee and thats the end. Solution – a chest of drawers, we can hide the fact that the clothes are one big pile and they can hunt away for their favourite tee and then hide the big pile in a closed drawer.
TOYS – Make as much mess as your want but at the end of the day all must be put back in our one large toy box. If it over flows then they have too many toys and its time to pass them on.