Spring is here…even if still a little watery in Cape Town, but the mornings are lighter and the warm days are more frequent. It’s a great time to inject some freshness into your child’s room. Small changes can breathe new life into a tired space!

1. Declutter…   The traditional spring clean exists for a reason! Its’ a great time to sort your child’s room storage and get rid of things that they may have out grown, or that are just taking up valuable space. There are so many wonderful charities that always appreciate pre-loved items, many will even collect so there is no excuse!

Simply Childs beautiful new palm basket range solves storage dilemmas, while looking beautiful and totally ticking those trend boxes. Perfect for toys, scatters, blankets etc More colours to be added soon!

Our popular book storage solutions are a must have. Books are stored neatly, while still being easily accessible to your little ones and their friends.

2. Lighten, brighten and refresh with small changes…   Transform your space with our range of Wall Vinyls and Wallpaper. Go bold and do the whole room or make a feature wall!

3. Add some Art… create a new look by adding some new art prints. The prints create a beautiful focal point when grouped together. Add one of our Animal Wall Heads for a really unique look!
Our prints are available in A4, A3 and A2 sizes and come framed or unframed.

4. Get on trend … Inject some Spring freshness with beautiful oversized florals. These beautiful blooms can be customised to suit your space. We’ll happily create, vinyls, wallpaper or prints for you!


5. Upgrade your space….   I have suddenly realised that my nearly 8 year old needs a more grown up room. She is wanting a more gender neutral, monochrome space and its definitely time for a big girl desk! I’ll be taking this opportunity to give her room a much needed makeover ….watch this space, before and after pics coming soon


Written by: Kim Jones from Simply Child