Step 1: Decide on a colour palette with 2 main colours being the focus along with using pops of other colours . This will help guide you when you are shopping for furniture and room essentials.



Step 2: Create a shopping list for the main furniture items you need, making sure you don’t over crowd the space .

Shopping list for main essentials:


  • Cot
  • Cot linen and knotted cot bumper
  • Compactum / or unit to put a changing mat on
  • A changing Mat & cover
  • A chair for feeding
  • Shelves or book ledges for reading time
  • A large rug
  • A wash basket
  • Prints for the wall
  • Side table
  • Night light
  • Hooks
  • Baby Play Gym


Step 3: Think space and comfort – for example selecting a feeding chair – this doesn’t have to be an actual feeding chair – but its helpful if the chair rocks, provides comfort and has an arm rest for support. Measure out the space for these big items before you head off to the shop!


Step 4: Think Texture – bring warmth and layers of texture into the space makes for a cosy and loving nursery. You can bring softness through a large textured rug, along with scatters, cot bumpers and throws to drape over your chair or cot. Another great way to soften all the hard furniture is to incorporate a canopy. This not only looks fab, it helps with the mozzies and sunlight.


Step 5: Think Storage & shelving – along with your bundle comes a lot of stuff !!! From nappies , muslins, body blankets, towels, bibs , rompers, bum cream to wipes …… You need sufficient space to neatly pack away.   I personally like to use containers for everything making it easy to grab. Shelves are a great way to display tiny baby shoes, soft toys or beautiful wooden toys. Book ledges are the perfect solution to display and have easy access to books for story time.

Step 6 : Think what message you want to give your baby on a daily basis. Positivity and love can be a constant reminder in their space. Wall prints is a great medium to display these thoughts.