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Born in South Africa and raised by local craftsmanship, Simply Child Interiors is the trendy brand that offers beautiful designs matched with the quality and safety that you’d expect for your little one.

The collection was inspired by my own three baby boys and my experience of what a mom really needs to raise kids in the most caring environment. Raising kids also means supporting the future of the country we are part of, and supporting local industries is paramount to the future of all our children.

Scandi – inspired decor is what really inspires me with product development for Simply Child and when I decorate kids’ rooms, I pick up ideas from all over and develop a kids’ space that is easy-living and contemporary with playful elements.

Keeping this in mind, Simply Child focuses on the natural grain of wood through beautifully crafted pieces for kids’ room decor. Wood, along with neutral colours, harmonises and creates a calming space for kids to sleep and play in. At Simply Child we focus on creating a contemporary space with a variety of modern prints and décor pieces. We want your nursery or kids room to be a room you can love as well!

As a mother of three I have come to the the realization that in living with 4 boys, I will never find the toilet seat anything but up, and my fridge will always be empty, but I couldn’t imagine life any other way. I’m passionate about my work, dedicated to my kids like any mother is, and spend my days bouncing between school lifts, brainstorming new ideas for Simply Child, beach visits, ice-cream consumption and product development.

I hope you enjoy your shopping and decorating experience with us!

– Lindsay Lloyd

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