Whether you are looking to create a beautiful space for a new baby or simply to update an existing kids’ space, here are 6 key trends to consider as we head towards 2020. Enjoy the beautiful room inspiration included to showcase these trends. As always Simply Child has just the decor items you need to achieve these looks!

1.Gender Neutral

We are loving neutral, boho inspired, gender neutral baby/kids’ bedrooms. Neutral walls are complemented by natural wood and wicker furniture pieces. Complete the look with simple Geometric Wallpapers. A beautiful room, fit for a little boy or girl!

2. Totally Tropical

This theme relies on some statement wallpapers and wall art. Choose oversize tropical and botanical prints with the inclusion of jungle animals to give it that playful feel. Mix it with modern and vintage natural material furniture and rugs.

3. Deliciously Dark

This trend serves up maximum drama and works just as well in a small space. Choose large print wallpapers with a dark grey/blue background and gold accessories which will really stand out.

4. Over the Rainbow

Who doesn’t love Rainbows!! Choose basics in white e.g. furniture, curtains, blinds and bedding to give a blank canvas, then choose decorative items in all shades of bright!! Choose rainbow cushions, bright prints and eye catching vinyls

5. Oversized Florals

The key to pulling off this rustic style is most definitely the scale of the print – think big! Choose pink tones and pair with plain white, metal or painted furniture.


6. Planted

Think all things green and living – or not so alive! Fake can be just as impactful while being safe and easy to maintain! Choose white or pale neutral wall colours and add in anything wooden, wicker or painted white. Monogrammed items are very fashionable at the moment, so adding in your child’s initials in a print, vinyl or wooden cutout would add a really special touch!